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BioDec's software is available with a dual licensing scheme.

Which license would you use?

The software that you want for your premise-based installations is available in two licenses:

  1. a closed source license which just allows to use the software,
  2. an open license which also allow to access to the source code, to modify it, and to redistribute it inside the organization buying the license.

The Bioinformation Management System is available with the same licensing as the tools herein available. The Annotated Databases are instead based on a per-subscription model: the annotations to the genome or to the proteome data can be used by your organization for their research but not sold or published on the Internet.

Which one is better suited for me ?

If you plan to use our tools, and are not a software developer, perhaps the closed source license is better. Otherwise, the more expensive open license can be a good option, since it gives you the freedom to adapt our tools on your own.