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The Angler classifier for proteome sequences.

AnglerAngler consists of two modules, one suited for Prokaryotes (Angler-PRO) and the other for Eukaryotes (Angler-EU). They are based on a hierarchical combination of different BioDec Tools. Angler-PRO is based on the HUNTER method by Casadio et al. (Protein Sci. 12, 2003, 1158), that classifies gram-negative proteome sequences into nine different classes, including among the others, the all-beta membrane proteins and the soluble secreted proteins, that are the most relevant to vaccine development. Angler-PRO can be roughly described as follows: the first, and most demanding, Angler step is the construction of a protein profile for each protein sequence; then, an extremely fast classification step is executed, dividing the proteome into the nine different classes; next all sequences are fed into a robust, fast fold recognition protocol to highlight the putative structural homologues of the classified sequence. 

The Angler classification is highly reliable: as an example, Angler performance has been measured around 85% accuracy and 75% coverage of the "Outer Membrane Protein" class on E. coli K12. Angler-EU shares with Angler-PRO the same philosophy. However it is based on a different pipeline, with remarkably different end classes. This is due to the several different organelles typical of Eukaryotic cell, requiring subtle and specific calibration of the classification algorithms.