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BioDec commercial software may be purchased in two flavors: in-house installatione and Saas.

Excluding the free Plone4Bio software (that may be downloaded anytime from the project website), BioDec commercial software may be purchased in two flavors:

Software as a service (SaaS)

A yearly fee covering all the license and upgrade expenses. The customer will always have available the latest product release, and his installation will be hosted and maintained on a secured infrastructure. He shall not care about issues like purchasing a server, installing the software or making backup copies, and he will be able to access his application site anytime, using any browser. Adequate security policies will be enforced. Performance may vary depending  on the kind of connection and bandwidth available to the customer. This innovative option suits the needs of smaller businesses as well as of anyone not willing to manage the hardware and maintenance site.  Yearly user license includes: customer-reserved installation, unlimited 24x7 access, backup copies, data / website security management. Buy it  !

In-house installation

The software is purchased by the customer who takes care of installation and periodic maintenance. This classic option suits the needs of any organization already managing a server room and willing to manage its own infrastructure. Usually this solution outperforms the SaaS option, since it does not imply bandwidth issues, and it is the preferred scenario for the management of big proprietary databases. The user license is perpetual and applies to the purchased version. Buy it !


Other pricings

  • Database upgrade: includes new releases of the annotated databases, as well as entirely new annotated databases not previously available.
  • Product upgrade: includes new decoders or new BMS modules.
  • Professional daily rate: Biodec technical personnel is available at a professional daily rate  (not including travel, food and accommodation costs) for on-site activity including installation and upgrade, if needed.

New applications based on customer's needs

BioDec is happy to provide estimates for the design and development of new software based on Customer's  specifications. Contact us if you have any specific need that may be fulfilled by our deep knowledge of bioinformatics.