Good news from BioDec (and Poland too !)

BioDec is happy to announce the release of the BDM 1.3.1 (X-MAS release)

The 1.3.1 release of the BDM adds to the toolbox the BLast-INduced Konsensus (blink) fold recognition tool, that is a very fast and simple fold recognition "metaserver" based on three blast search methods: blastpgp, rpsblast, and blastp.

Moreover, in the past days a good result has been achieved: Poland has voted against the Software Patent proposal of the EU. Quoting the words of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure:
The Software Patent Directive has been withdrawn from the Agenda of the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries. Poland's Minister of Science and Computerisation, Wlodzimierz Marcinski, firmly requested the item be withdrawn from the agenda. The Fisheries Commissioner expressed regret, but the A-item was deleted and will not now be adopted this year.

At the following page you may found acomplete description of what happened.