BioDec's new product line officially launched

Still glad to provide custom applications, BioDec recently engineered some innovative turnkey solutions, available for installation or as outsourced web services

BioDec's new ready-made - yet customizable - turnkey solutions aim at supporting the pipeline from the wet lab to in silico analysis, and include the extensive use of free software to manage the biosequence-related data: an integrated environment for biosequence analysis and management, dubbed Plone4bio, was released under a free GPL license.
The commercial release of Plone4Bio provides an user-managed pipeline for biosequence analysis and comparison, with full CMS features.
As far as the full management of experimental data is concerned, BioDec provides a new Bioinformation Management System (BMS), including biosequence databases annotated by our deciders. The BMS includes interfaces to collect, manage and analyze data coming from molecular biology techniques, technique-specific pages for recording experimental data and, if available, digital images, and makes available a “lab diary” to record aims and conditions of each experiment.

Everything can be shared within the organization or the work group, according to flexible, entirely user-defined security levels.  Workflows can be customized to match the Customer's needs, thus ensuring a full match between the rules adopted in the lab and the data lifecycle.

Biodec is also enlarging its portfolio of decoders, based on state-of-art machine learning methods.

For further information, see our new fact sheet.